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Brisbane's most accessible dentist

We are located adjacent the DFO in Brisbane Airport – a convenient location for both North and South Brisbane residents. You can even get some extra weekend shopping at amazing prices while you are here.

If you are chasing an urgent appointment, please call us on 07 3114 1199 today to discuss your specific dental needs and book an appointment with our Brisbane emergency dentists.

If the appointment is not dental emergency, you can still call us or make use of our online booking. We would be more than happy to schedule a Saturday or Sunday appointment for you or discuss any other concerns that you may have.


Our Availability

Dentist Open on Saturday & Sunday in Brisbane

Compassionate dental care, always available

There is never a good time for a dental emergency, especially if you are trying to find an emergency dentist immediately on a weekend. Thankfully here at Skygate Dental we have a dentist open Saturday Brisbane. Our dental clinic is here to provide emergency dental treatment.

Our team can assist with dental emergencies that include but are not limited to: broken tooth, chipped teeth or broken teeth, knocked out tooth / teeth, tooth decay, fractured teeth, dental abscess, severe toothache, and most common dental emergencies.

Often times a dental emergency or need for an urgent emergency dental treatment can come on quickly. In particular, wisdom teeth (third molars) that are in an unfavorable position can be more prone to infection often requiring emergency treatment. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to assist us in providing dental treatment during your first visit.

Our dental emergency treatment is here when you need it. Our emergency dentist will work to address your concerns, often times being able to resolve them in as little as one visit. If our clinic is closed and you are requiring an emergency dental appointment for pain, chipped or broken teeth or any other dental emergency, please call us or follow the link here to book our next available appointment online.

Dental Trauma

A trauma can lead to a number of dental issues that can require a surgical or invasive procedure. At the first onset of a trauma it is best to contact us as soon as possible. If you or someone you know is not stable or you are unsure of your / their state it is best to present to a hospital for assessment. If you are stable or the trauma is isolated to teeth, please contact us. Our team will work with you to get an urgent dental appointment.

Our Brisbane emergency dentists will first assess the trauma and attempt to provide pain relief for any moderate to severe pain being experienced. They will then discuss and review their findings prior to carrying out any treatment.

Trauma can range quite sustainably from a broken tooth, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, and many other dental problems.

As surgical or invasive procedure carries risks we recommend you obtain a second opinion with a appropriately qualified health practitioner. Please call if you if you have any questions.

Dental infections

Dental abscesses (bacterial infection) can often times lead to requiring emergency dental care. There are many different root causes of a bacterial infection from gum disease, impacted wisdom tooth, tooth decay, and more.

There are many warning signs you may have infection beyond pain. These can include a bad taste (often sour) in the mouth, facial swelling, aching tooth, and more. When left untreated a tooth abscess can cause serious issues. The dental abscess will not resolve itself on it’s own and will require treatment. The infection can continue to grow and spread into the jaw (potentially causing bone loss) and or neck. The infection can rupture causing some drainage and pain relief, though will still require treatment to resolve.

Our Brisbane emergency dentists will assess the situation and provide a diagnosis and recommended treatment plan. In certain cases, the infection can be localized to the gum, which can be more easily addressed. Generally, our dentists will prescribe antibiotics and provide minor dental works. Otherwise it is likely to require emergency dental care.

Routine Care

Skygate Dental is open 7 days a week for both emergency dental treatment and routine care. With no extra charges on Saturday or Sundays the time has never been easier to maintain or improve your oral hygiene. From routine Checkup & Cleans to assessing teeth grinding or filling in those annoying gaps from missing teeth.

Saturday & Sunday availability

Our clinic is open 7 days a week providing a wide range of treatments such as root canal therapy, dental implants, tooth extraction, wisdom teeth extractions, mouth guards, emergency treatment and more. Can’t make it out during the week, let us help you over the weekend.

With no extra charges on Saturday or Sunday, our dentist in Brisbane can help you when it is best for your schedule. Don’t let that pesky dental decay, gum disease, chipped or broken teeth, or those stubborn wisdom teeth become a dental emergency. Let us assist you today and help avoid dental emergencies.

Looking for a dentist in Brisbane open on weekends? Look no further, you have found the local dentist Brisbane. Our Brisbane dentist is here to treat you when you need us most. We can assess and treat many different dental related issues.

When dental emergencies occur contact us our dentist Brisbane 7 days a week.


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