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Skygate Dental offers a comfortable calm atmosphere for Children’s Dentistry; in a family-focused dental practice. With the ability to book online with our child-friendly dental team children’s dental care has never been easier. Keeping kids’ teeth clean at any age can be a challenge. Leave the worries of dentistry to us, our dentists will treat children in a calm and caring manner.

It is important to practice good oral health from an early age. This is especially important for children to develop the habit from an early age to assist in avoiding any unnecessary dental treatment. If you are seeking a kids dentist in Brisbane you have found the right place. We treat everyone from infants to children to their parents are grandparents.

To ensure that your child maintains a strong healthy set of teeth; regular check-ups and cleaning are a must. From their very first dental visit, we bring a positive attitude to a child-friendly environment to assist in providing high-quality dental care for children.

Developing positive thoughts around dental care at the dentist in the early stages will not only make dental care for children’s teeth easier it also assists the parents. It is important to attend regular dental appointments to maintain a positive impact on your child’s teeth. A visit to a children’s dentist does not have to cause worry. With good oral health practices and healthy smiles, children’s dentistry becomes much easier for the whole family.

Our dental clinic understands the needs and importance of a child’s dental health. We take the time to build trust with both the child and the parents. Providing all the time required in the dental chair to show children it’s not scary. We will show children the basics to begin, from counting baby teeth and identifying permanent teeth, to showing tips and tricks around tooth brushing. Our goal during the dental treatment is to keep the children happy and engaged, helping to make future appointments easier.

If you are not sure when is the right time to start taking your infants or children to the dentist in Brisbane, look no further. Our friendly staff and dentists will assist in advising on any treatment, from infants to kids we are here for all patients. We can assist in advising when and if you should start bringing kids to the dentist.

medicare child dental benefits shceme

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme (CBDS) is a government-run scheme aimed at aiding children in developing proper oral hygiene habits from the very first visit. This scheme helps children who are eligible receive bulk billed dental treatments. Dental treatment from a young age can be difficult not only for children but for parents and guardians alike. CBDS makes the whole family’s dental visit easier by not having to worry about the bill.

CBDS covers many different aspects of dentistry for eligible children. From general dentistry such as checkups and clean and fluoride treatment to an emergency appointment that requires extraction or filling for both baby teeth and adult teeth.

Our dental clinic will provide all dental services covered by CBDS when you need them most. The goal is to provide dental care for children as a preventative measure but it is here when the teeth are causing pain as well. Dental health is a lifetime challenge, setting the basics and principles is essential to minimize potential issues throughout life.

In the event, your child needs dental treatment and they don’t qualify for CBDS we are here to help. We allow for private health treatment claims as well as provide options for no-interest payment plans. The payment plans can cover all dental services to kids of any age as long as the parents or guardians qualify. The plans can include anything from a single treatment in one appointment to a complete oral health assessment requiring more than one appointment or visit. Creating healthy smiles in Brisbane with your children’s dentist has never been easier for the family.

  1. Children between the ages of 2 – 17 on any one day of the calendar year
  2. Children, their families, carers or guardians receive certain government benefits.
    These benefits can include Family Tax Benefit Part A for part of the calendar year.
  3. Children must be eligible for Medicare

4-Fissure sealants
6-Root Canals


2-Cosmetic Dental Work
3-Dental work provided in a Hospital

More information on the Child Dental Benefit Scheme eligibility can be found on the Australian Government Department of Human Services webpage. Here>>

Paediatric Dentistry & Specialists

A paediatric dentist is one that specializes in dentistry for children. Paediatric dentists are there when treatment can get a bit more involved or complex. Treating children under even the best circumstances can be a challenge, especially if they are in pain. ‘

Paediatric dentists can provide treatment for all aspects of children’s dentistry, however, they excel at the tricky, complex and extra nervous patient cases. They are your dentist in Brisbane that have access to sedation for children when required. Kids and adults of any age can get overwhelmed and nervous with dentistry. We are here to assist to ensure you are as comfortable with your treatment as possible, regardless of whether it is in the chair at our clinic or at a paediatric dentist in Brisbane your care is the highest priority.


Why Skygate Dental?

Here for your kids when you need us most

Our dental clinic is open 7 days a week with no extra costs on weekends. With the ability to book online free of charge making use of CBDS for your child’s dental treatments has never been easier. Your child’s dental treatments will never need to take a back seat again.

Family Dentist in Brisbane

We aim to provide top-quality dental care for children and adults alike. From your child’s first dental appointment we aim to foster a child-friendly environment to help put kids at ease during their dental treatment.

Our dentists have children of their own and understand the importance of maintaining a child’s teeth to foster a healthy smile. They also know the difficulties in providing treatments for kids especially if they are in pain. We take the time to provide quality dental care from baby teeth to adult teeth, from preventative to emergencies we are here for your children’s teeth.

Care for the Family

Our Brisbane-based clinic provides dental services for the entire family. We cater the treatment to you and your family. From simple oral hygiene instructions for kids and their parents to your kid’s first visit to treatment for the grandparents. All of your dental health and oral health needs and treatment are conveniently located in one spot. Call or book online for an appointment today.



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