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A denture continues to be a good option for the replacement of missing teeth; coming in various forms, from full, partial, immediate or over-dentures. Dentures can be made of either a resin based nylon material, acrylic resin and or a combination with metal (Cobalt-Chrome).
Types of Denture(s)
Acrylic Resin Dentures – This is the main material used in the construction of your very typical denture. It comes in a pink colour to match the natural colour of the gums, within the dental plate is the denture teeth.

Flexi-Denture – This type material is has greater flexibility compared to the traditional acrylic denture and generally used in cases where only a few teeth are being replaced.

Metal Or Cobalt Chrome Dentures – These dentures are used in cases were there are a number of sound teeth still in the mouth. The metal frame provides greater strength, and in some cases can be of a smaller design.

Caring for your Denture(s)
Over-time a variety of things can happen ranging from damage, to stains or even loosening. Further, It is just as important to care for your dentures as it is your natural teeth. In many instances they can be repaired or added too for the replacement of missing teeth. Also, if a denture becomes loose, we can help ascertain the root cause through a variety of methods. Once we have determined the cause we can discuss the various options that may be available to you.

There are a few potential options or treatments which would include either; adhesives to help maintain a firm fit, a reline (addition of more material) or a new denture may be necessary.

Our Dentists at Skygate Dental will be able to discuss the options available for the replacement of missing teeth and provide the best available recommendation for replacement.

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