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Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal is designed to save you from a possible tooth extraction. Oftentimes times a root canal becomes necessary when a healthy tooth or teeth becomes heavily damaged.

There are many reasons that could lead to requiring root canal treatment, including but not limited to: Deep decay, infected pulp (the dental pulp is a system containing tissue, nerves and blood supply which extends into the roots.), gum disease, or severely damaged through trauma.

It is important to address a damaged tooth or decayed tooth as soon as possible to increase the likelihood of success, assist in avoiding further damage, reduce repeated dental work, and maintain your own tooth. Skygate dental services are available 7 days a week to administer all dental treatments.

Successful Root Canal treatment has become increasingly driven by evidence-based healthcare. The goal of the treatment is to save the tooth and protect it from future damage or leakage. The process is carried out by an appropriately qualified health practitioner, your Dentist, using modern dentistry techniques. If you need root canal treatment in Brisbane do not hesitate to contact Skygate Dental on 07 3114 1199.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is the process of cleaning inside all of the tooth’s intricate canals. This is the portion of the tooth that is below the gums. When a tooth becomes infected through trauma or decay; the pulp tissue, which supplies sensation, becomes compromised.

This is when you may need root canal therapy. It then becomes necessary to debride and disinfect the canal systems. Or more simply to remove all infected tissue. This is done under isolation or a rubber dam to prevent any contamination. Of course, a surgical or invasive procedure carries risks, if you are unsure of the root canal treatment prior to proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate. At Skygate Dental we ensure all modern techniques are used for a successful outcome.

Often, root canal treatment can be a longer appointment. As it is necessary to spend the proper amount of time cleaning the canals. In some cases, root canals may take a couple of visits to ensure all symptoms have resolved the root canals inside the tooth are clean and infected tissue has been removed.



We offer the latest treatments and technology to ensure your comfort and safety while our expert dentists work with you to achieve the best possible results.

Treatment stages

Stage One

Stage one involves taking an x-ray and cleaning the infected tooth decay, ensuring the tooth’s root is free from bacteria. The roots of the tooth must be sterilized to stop further damage. Once local anaesthesia has settled in the root canal treatment will begin.

The canal treatment will take varying amounts of time depending on the state of the original tooth, any removal of cracked fillings, how badly infected the tooth is and the number of canals to be cleaned and shaped.

During the root canal treatment, the dentist will work on identifying all the canals one canal at a time. While there are statists that generally identify the number of canals present, there can be an additional canal. It is important to identify all canals requiring treatment, otherwise, the root canal treatment will not be successful.

The number of canals will vary between teeth and individuals. All canals present in the tooth will require root canal treatment. Some teeth have as little as one canal others can have two canals, with some having upwards of 4.

Often times an X-ray is taken throughout the procedure to ensure none are missed and the appropriate length has been achieved to ensure a desirable outcome.

Once the first stage of root canal treatment is complete a temporary filling will be placed over the tooth root.

Stage Two

Once the tooth has settled over a couple of weeks and no tooth pain is present.

In simple terms, Stage Two will be to seal the tooth and place a more permanent filling on the tooth.

The second stage of root canal treatment involves removing the temporary filling placed at the end of the first stage. Then we fill the internal root structure with a sterile filling. Followed by permanent sealing with a filling.

Following a root canal treatment, it is often recommended to place a crown on the tooth. This assists in ensuring you can protect your dental treatment. Our dentists will discuss a potential recommendation for a crown based on your specific circumstances.


 Root Canal Treatments FAQs

How do I know if I need a Root Canal Procedure?

Getting a root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is one way to save your tooth, and at Skygate Dental we want to save your natural tooth if at all possible. While an artificial tooth can suit as a decent replacement, nothing will compare to a natural healthy tooth.

You may need Root canal therapy if your tooth is experiencing pain in hot or cold foods or liquids and may be due to what’s going in inside of the tooth. A toothache or severe pain is a signal that you may have an infected tooth. This may mean you have infected the pulp. You may also experience gum swelling with a severe toothache. To reduce the need for an extraction a Dental care procedure may be required to ensure optimal oral health. At Skygate Dental your Dentist will identify your best possible procedure to reduce risks to your tooth and canal.

Will My Root Canal Procedure Be Painful?

Often the most painful process of the root canal is the initial pain that people feel when their tooth (dental pulp) becomes infected. The treatment itself is generally pain-free and worth it for how much better the treated tooth may feel. Most people would argue that the root canal cost benefit is well worth it once the procedure is complete. On rare occasions, patients have even been known to fall asleep during treatment! It will however, often be necessary to numb the area with local anaesthetic where the tooth is located to ensure that there are no sensations or pain. This will have no impact on the surrounding teeth.

How Many Visits are Needed for Root Canal Treatment?

In most circumstances, root canals are often separated into two appointments. The first visit involves cleaning and shaping the internal aspects of the tooth. This helps to disinfect and clear any infection. In some cases, after this appointment, because the anti-microbials used as so strong, the tooth itself may be slightly tender for 24 to 48 hours. The tooth is then given a few weeks to settle and allow for the medications to continue to clear any remaining bacteria. The second stage then involves sealing the internal aspects of the tooth and placing a filling on top of the tooth. In many instances, considerations for full coverage either with a large filling or a crown are often discussed to prevent any fracture or cracks.

Root Canal Cost


Lower Root Canal Cost: Brisbane Interest-Free Payment Plans Available

If you need a root canal in Brisbane we can work with you to determine the costs and payment method best suited to your needs. Root canal treatment costs should be affordable. Our dental practice ensures our root canal patients find an affordable payment method, including payment plans. We want you to smile your best natural smile!

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We are located adjacent to the DFO in Brisbane Airport. We are minutes away from the M1 and a short drive from both the North and South sides of Brisbane. Our unique opening hours allow for flexibility in booking your appointment. We are open 7 days a week, with emergency call-outs available and one night-a-week evening appointments. Your teeth and dental health are our business. Root canal treatments have never been easier.


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We can claim your treatment with our HICAPs machine to make dealing with private health fund cover convenient. We care about our patient’s long-term oral health, so we can help with interest-free payment options across our services. The Skygate Dental team will try to ensure that the root canal is as pain-free and minimally invasive as possible. Book an appointment today for your endodontic treatment.


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