Child Dental Benefits Schedule

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Teaching children to be responsible for their dental hygiene can be a nightmare, and it doesn’t become any easier as they reach their teenage years when the longing to sleep in on weekends and play video games all day takes over. Unfortunately, tooth decay and abscesses are far from rare in children aged between two and 17 years, and covering the treatment costs can be challenging for low-income families. The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) exists to help those who need it pay for a variety of dental treatments, and around three million children between two and 17 are eligible.

The CBDS is a Government initiative managed by the Department of Health, and it ensures all children, regardless of their background, have access to essential dental services. As of February 8, 2017, families who are eligible for the CBDS have a $1000 cap for each of their children’s dental fees within a two-year period, starting from the date of the first treatment/claim. Plus, many dental practices, such as ours, offer a bulk-billing option, meaning you won’t have to do anything to benefit from the CBDS initiative.

Treatments Covered by the CBDS

The $1000 cap provided by the CBDS encompasses a broad range of basic dental services, including fissure sealing, basic examinations, extractions, cleaning, root canals, partial dentures, and fillings. According to a study by Choice, a 30-minute examination and cleaning costs between $180 and $320 in Australia, and more complicated treatments can be much more expensive. The CBDS ensures all children can receive the dental treatment they need.

The main treatments that aren’t covered by the CBDS are orthodontic treatments and cosmetic dental services. You also can’t use your $1000 cap to cover treatments provided by a hospital, though using your cap in a private dental practice doesn’t affect your Medicare allowance.

Are You Eligible?

In most cases, you’ll receive a letter from the Department of Health detailing the dental cover for each child you have. If you haven’t received a letter and think you may be eligible, you can check your eligibility and current balance by logging into your Medicare online account. You should be entitled to the CBDS if:

  • Your child is between two and 17 years old for at least one calendar day in the year
  • Your child qualifies for Medicare
  • You receive a family tax benefit or other government subsidies (you can find more information on this here)
  • The Department of Health carries out eligibility assessments once a year, so if you child turns 18 after being deemed eligible for the year, they’ll still get their dental cover until the following year’s eligibility assessments.

At Skygate Dental, we aim to provide high-quality dental services and make everything simple for you, which is why we offer a bulk-billing option whereby we’re responsible for obtaining payment from the Department of Health. If you require a one-off treatment where you’ll need to make a claim, our friendly professionals will guide through every step of the process.