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Mouth Guards are a must have for protecting your teeth from damage.

The need for a well-fitted mouth guard for kids and adults is essential during sport to ensure it stays in place, provides the appropriate level of protection and allows for comfortable breathing and talking.

Benefits of a mouth guard
Dental injuries caused from contact sports can be extremely painful and require significant repair. In many instances dental injuries not only require immediate repair, but also long term follow up and continual care. This can lead to both emotional and financial costs. Further, dental injures can lead to non-aesthetic outcomes, such as; chipped teeth, darkened teeth over time or missing teeth.

Prevention and preparation are key to helping limit the extent of dental trauma in unavoidable circumstances.

How Are Dental Mouth guards made?
Whereas typical store purchased mouth guards are usually boiled and molded to the teeth. Dental Mouth guards are made by taking an impression of the teeth, and then pouring up a cast or a direct model of the teeth. From this dental cast, a custom mouth guard is directly molded to the teeth. This provides an advantage as the proper extensions on the teeth and tissues can be ensured. Further, the best fit often results in easier breathing and increased comfort during use.
What are the different types of Mouth Guards?

Custom Made Mouth Guards – Made by your dentist by first taking an impression of your teeth to form a stone cast. From this stone cast a model is then taken to fit the mouth guard with the highest precision. Not only will a custom mouth guard provide increased protection, superior fit and fill; but also you are able to choose your specific colour, design, or team logo.

*Most health insurance providers will contribute towards a mouthguard, this will help to off-set the cost. In many cases this rebate can cover the expense of the mouth guard. 

Mouth-formed mouthguard – These are the so called “boil and bite”. This mouth guard is placed into boiling water for a few seconds to heat the surface, this is then quickly removed and placed under cool water. Following this the user then bites into the plastic to be molded around the teeth.
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