Dental Infections 

Infections can be very serious and in some cases life-threatening. If you are experiencing: swelling, a temperature or difficulty breathing it can be a sign of a serious infection.

Signs & Symptoms:

The most common symptoms of a toothache is throbbing pain or a sharp shooting pain. You may also notice an abscess or swelling around the gums next to the tooth.

Important signs and symptoms are listed below:

  • Fever (Temperature)
  • Feeling Tired or Weak (Malaise)
  • Swelling around the area (Lymphadenopathy)

Infection or abscess can develop when a tooth becomes necrotic (death of the tissue). Occurring if a tooth has become badly decayed, fractured or broken down.  This is because the tooth’s internal environment (pulp & nerve) becomes a perfect spot for bacteria to invade and multiply. The body then start to develop an inflammatory response to the infection in an attempt to slow down any spreading bacteria.

Treatment Required:

Your Skygate dentist will perform the necessary special tests to determine the cause of the discomfort. First starting with a complete medical and dental history; followed by a thorough clinical examination, which may involve the necessary special tests.  Once the source of the infection is determined your Skygate dentist will provide you with the best available options to remedy the problem; most commonly this would include treatment such as Root Canal Therapy or Extraction. If it is non-related to the teeth, then the source or pathology of the infection must be determined.

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