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Payment Plans Available on Braces in Brisbane

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Get Dental Braces in Brisbane with Skygate Dental

Skygate Dental is able to offer options when it comes to Braces and moving teeth – Helping to improve the health and appearance of your smile.


Braces involves identifying, preventing and treating problems related to the alignment of the teeth and bones (Maxilla and Mandible).

There are a many different benefits from treatment involving braces and clear aligners. The can range from correcting the position of the teeth to assist in maintain good oral health by improving on tricky to clean and maintain areas. They can treat issues related to bite problems helping to restore normal proper function. To helping patients get their dream smile.


There are many different types ‘braces cases’ from simply moving one to a few teeth; to more complex cases involving an interdisciplinary approach.

The first step is through a consultation by our dentist to discuss yours needs, desired outcome, and long term goals.

All of the various treatment options are available for both adults and children. Typically plastic aligners will be better suited for adults. Due to potential difficulties around treatment adherence (ability to remove the trays) and potential stigma around adult braces that are metal or ceramic.

Following the consultation, our dentist will present a treatment plan with the various options to achieve your goals and get the beautiful smile you have dreamt of. Depending on the complexity of the treatment, different treatments having different costs may be recommended. These can range from traditional metal braces, clear aligners or further consultations with a specialist.


The cost for braces can vary from case to case, as some individuals may only require a very short duration of treatment; whereas others it may take many months to a few years.

Depending on the length, complexity and system used to achieve the goals the cost will vary. In the initial consultation utilization of the latest technology will allow our dentist to provide an accurate quote for braces treatments in as little as one appointment. Highlighting all the potential costs associated with the treatment including any health fund rebates.

Our dental clinic also has a number of different payment options including health fund claiming, payment arrangements and a interest free payment plan that can help make the treatment affordable. Our flexible payment plans gives you the options to pay on your terms, allowing you to select weekly, fortnight, or monthly repayments. With the only monetary requirement to pay an initial deposit to setup the plan. This can often be completed during your consultation.

For more information about our payment plan options please follow the link HERE or contact us directly on 07 3114 1199.


Generally getting braces is a pain-free procedure; there can be some discomfort as the teeth begin to move into their new position; however this usually settles through quite quickly with minimal disruption to day-to-day living.


Typical treatment with braces involves wearing fixed braces (Clear (Ceramic) or Metal) brackets with a wire that is connected to brackets or removable braces (plates, clear braces (Clear Correct, Invisalign)). There are differences to all the systems available, with perceived pro’s and con’s to all available options.


Traditional Metal braces are what most people will commonly envision when thinking of braces. They apply constant pressure through a series of metal brackets that are attached to the teeth you wish to straighten. They are then bound together by a stainless steel arch wire. The brackets will remain in place until your teeth have reached the desired position with the arch wire often being changed out as treatment progresses.


Ceramic braces (often referred to as Clear) are the evolution of metal braces. They offer a much better aesthetic through the duration of your treatment as it progresses towards your new smile. The brackets are on teeth are made of a translucent ceramic and are interlinked with the same stainless steel wire as the metal braces.


Removeable braces offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional braces. The trays are clear, which drastically reduces the visibility often masking the treatment that is being undertaken from others. Helping to avoid any potential self esteem issues that can arise in patients seeking a better smile.

The biggest difference between traditional and removable braces is aesthetics, time and cost. Metal and Ceramic braces will often result in a quicker treatment time and fewer appointments. They will also often result in a lower overall braces cost. Plastic aligners will generally carry a longer treatment time for patients.

Why Skygate Dental?

Personalized Care

Our Brisbane dental clinic prides itself on our patients care. We take the time to understand your concerns, desires and goals. This allows us to cater your treatment specifically to your needs. We take the time to ensure you understand the difference in systems which allows you to make an informed choice as to what is best for you.

Affordable Payment Options

We offer a number of different payment options that allow you to pay at a cost point that in line with your budget. We offer claiming through your health fund as well as no interest payment plans. Allowing your to spread the costs out over the course of the treatment.

For more information about our payment plan options please follow the link HERE or contact us directly on 07 3114 1199. 


It is normal that while moving your permanent teeth with braces multiple appointments will be required. Skygate Dental allows you to complete your treatment on your schedule.

Our dentists are available 7 days a week to better allow you to attend your appointment. This assists in avoiding missed or delayed appointments which can increase the braces cost over the course of the treatment.


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