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Skygate Dental is able to offer options when it comes to Braces and moving teeth – Helping to improve the health and appearance of your smile.

What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics (Braces) involves identifying, preventing and treating problems related to the alignment of the teeth and bones (Maxilla and Mandible). The aim of braces is to correct the position of the teeth to maintain good oral health, improve function and aesthetics.
Am I a Candidate?
Where are many different types ‘braces cases’ from simply moving one to a few teeth; to more complex cases involving an interdisciplinary approach. The first point is through a consultation to discuss yours needs, desires ideal outcome, and long term goals. After which a thorough treatment plan and available options can be discussed in detail.
What Is The Cost?
The cost for braces can vary from case to case, as some individuals may only require a very short duration of treatment; whereas others it may take many months to a few years. To provide an idea on cost please feel free to contact Skygate Dental.
Does It Hurt?
Generally getting braces is a pain-free procedure; there can be some discomfort as the teeth begin to move into their new position; however this usually settles through quite quickly with minimal disruption to day-to-day living.
What Are The Different Types?
Typical treatment with braces involves wearing fixed braces (Clear (Ceramic) or Metal) brackets with a wire that is connected to brackets or removable braces (plates, clear braces (Clear Correct, Invisalign)). There are differences to all the systems available, with perceived pro’s and con’s to all available options. The two biggest difference between traditional and removable braces is aesthetics and time. The clear aligners generally are considered the most aesthetically pleasing. As they are clear, which reduces their visibility drastically. While traditional braces are generally not as aesthetically please the big advantage they carry is they generally have reduced treatment time when compared to plastic aligners.

Why Skygate Dental?

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We are located adjacent the DFO in Brisbane airport. We are mintues away from the M1 and a short drive from both the North and South sides of Brisbane.


We are located in the Skygate Centre (so parking will never be an issue). Our patients can enjoy the convenience of a chemist, grocery store and trip to the DFO. You can enjoy knowing a trip to the dentist has all your errands in one place.


We can claim your treatment with our HICAPs machine to make dealing with private health cover convenient. We care about our patients long term oral health, so we can help with interest-free payment plans across our services.

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