Here are some interesting dental facts about celebrities:

  1. Tom Cruise reportedly had a front tooth chipped during a childhood game of floor hockey, and he has since had dental work to repair the tooth.
  2. George Washington had notoriously bad teeth, with only one natural tooth left in his mouth when he became President. He wore dentures made of various materials, including human teeth, animal teeth, and ivory.
  3. Katy Perry has a unique dental feature known as “fang teeth” or “vampire teeth,” which are actually just her canines that are slightly longer and more pointed than usual.
  4. Elvis Presley had a significant gap between his front teeth, which he chose not to have corrected.
  5. Madonna has a distinctive gap between her front teeth, which she has said she refused to have corrected because it gives her character.
  6. Michael Strahan, former NFL player and TV personality, has a gap between his two front teeth, which has become one of his signature features.
  7. Julia Roberts has a wide, beautiful smile that has been described as one of the most iconic in Hollywood. Her teeth are known for their size and straightness, which she attributes to orthodontic work she had done in her youth.
  8. Jim Carrey has a chipped tooth that he has joked about in interviews, saying that he likes to use it as a party trick.
  9. Nicholas Cage had his upper teeth replaced with dental implants to help improve his smile.
  10. Ed Sheeran has a prominent scar on his face from a childhood accident, which caused him to have dental work done to repair his teeth.

While these celebrities may have unique dental features or stories, it’s essential to remember that good oral hygiene is essential for everyone, regardless of their fame or fortune