Flossing at least once a day is important to maintain optimal oral health. Many people find it difficult to floss and thus will forgo the experience. Skygate Dental has compiled a few tips and step by step guide to flossing your teeth to help achieve ideal oral hygiene ????.

Dentist Tips From Skygate Dental for Flossing

Picking a suitable floss

It is important as there are many different types and brands. Often times people will not like the texture and flavour of the floss; so it is important to look at the different types and find a suitable product.
There are two main types of floss a smooth or ribbon like floss which will pass between the teeth very easily. Or a rope / textured floss which is thicker.
We ask Dr. Benard What his favourite floss is: “I would prefer the mint and smooth floss, it is very easy to use and the teeth feel very fresh afterwords”.

Stretch Those Fingers

Often times people will say “I just can reach back there”. Which can be very true; sometimes flossing is just down right tricky. There are however some helpful aids which can making flossing a breeze.
It is possible to purchase a handle for your floss so you can easily manoeuvre around the mouth.
A suitable alternative to floss would be what is called a picketer. A picketer unit has a handle and a bristle brush, which many people prefer to flossing.

Sometime people will use water picks

These can work well but they can be a bit messy, so be careful. Or the down right old fashion way, it may take sometime but practice makes perfect :).

We ask Dr. Benard How do you floss: “I tend to use the old fashion way; however i do like the picketers from time to time.”
Easy does it – Flossing can be like a fine dance, you need to get down there, but also remember to be gentle! Sometimes if you are too forceful you can actually cause more harm than good. So remember to go slow, and sometimes back and forth gently with downward pressure does the trick.
Side to Side – Once you manage to get the floss between the teeth, gently go back and forth against either tooth, and then pull the floss out.

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