Halloween is around the corner! Boo! Sugary treats are a given during any great trick or treat Halloween adventure, for kids of all ages at this time. So what can be done to minimize any potential trouble and protect your teeth?

The Detail is in the Time

Generally snacking candies, and in particular sugary foods, often and throughout the day can be the most harmful to our teeth. These high sugary foods and snacks often create a constant substrate for food and / or bacterial to create acid which can then produce cavities or holes in teeth. As such, it is best to limit constant snacking or if you do to rinse with water after snacking to help neutralize any acidity or sugar. Further, another option would be to have a healthy treats after any sugary treat, such as cheese slice or bite. Cheese is very good for the teeth, as it has free calcium and phosphate which can help neutralize any acidity caused by bacteria with a sugary environment.

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What is the Best Oral Hygiene?

Remember to brush and floss twice a day. Brushing should be done with a soft to medium firmness back and forth against the teeth and gums; often using gentle strokes with the tooth brush at 45 degrees against and along the gum lines. Flossing is done by using two hands to wrap the floss around the finger to create a nice tight string like that on a guitar. The floss is then passed between the teeth to grab any debris that brushing can miss.

Alternative Rewards

It has been previously mentioned that rather than giving kids all sweets or candies; alternatives such as balloons or toys can be given to offset the potential sugary overload.

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