What is Natural Fluoride (F-)?

  • (F-) occurs naturally in the world, found in rocks, water and the soil. In the ocean (F-) can be found at a concentration of around 1.0 ppm. (Which is around a standard level for most drinking water).
  • Further, (F-) is found within our teeth the enamel as well in our bones.
  • Traces of (F-) can also be found in our food and in trees & plants.



What is Fluoride?

  • Water (F-) – is either the natural incorporation or the addition of (F-) to the water supplies. Further, the rationale is to provide the body with (F-) which is actively incorporated into tooth structure helping to prevent tooth decay.

How Does Fluoride Work? 

  • The outer layer of the tooth structure is called the enamel. If (F-) is incorporated into the enamel crystal the tooth itself becomes “stronger” and more resistant to decay. This is because, (F-) and enamel combined are more resistant to an acidic environment. Therefore, the acid produced by bacteria (which cause tooth decay) is less likely to cause holes or cavities which leads to fillings etc. Moreover, (F-) also has an antibacterial affect on plaque and bacteria.

What are the Recommendations In Australia for Fluoride?

  • An effective level of (F-) in the water supply is around 0.6 – 1.1 mg/L
  • Non-Fluoridated communities should consider other alternatives or seek guidance from dentist as to the best options.

It has been found that low levels of (F-) at a balanced pace is the best for protecting the mouth from tooth decay. Studies has stopped recommending (F-) tablets as the risk for fluorosis, or too much (F-) is high.


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