Dentine Sensitivity

What is Dentine hypersensitivity?

Skygate Dental Dentine Sensitivity

Skygate Dental Dentine Sensitivity

Dentine Sensitivity – is the sensation that occurs when the middle portion of the tooth is directly affected by a stimulus, such as cold air, acid, mechanical touch or heat.

The middle portion of the tooth is called the dentine.  Further, this is the part of the tooth structure underneath enamel (the external layer). So, if the dentine becomes exposed it can lead to sensitivity; as there are million of tiny tubules within the dentine that transmit sensation.  Whereas the enamel is more or less a shell of mineral; as a result it is less likely to transmit thermal sensitivity.

What are the causes for Dentine Exposure?

There are many factors that can play a role in leading to dentine exposure. See below for some of the most common causes:

  • Loss of tissue height in the gums covering the tooth
  • Recession -> Abrasion, Abfraction
  • Gum Disease (Gingivitis, Periodontitis)
  • Acid -> Reflux, Acidic Drinks
  • Decay
  • Damaged Fillings

What is the treatment for Dentine Sensitivity?

Finally, the first treatment is for a thorough examination and check up, to diagnosis the cause of the sensitivity.

Common Treatment Remedies for Dentine Sensitivity:

  • Sensitive Toothpaste -> Help to provide either complete blockage of the tubules or free mineral to remineralize the tooth.
  • Remineralizing Cremes -> Tooth Mousse.
  • Modifying Oral Hygiene or Brushing techniques -> If recession of abrasion is an issue -> Switching to a soft tooth brush may be advised.
  • Fluoride Gels -> In the form of either rinses, stronger tooth pastes, oral creams may be utilized.
  • Diet -> Acidic Foods -> Modification may be necessary.
  • Reflux -> Considering -> Diet factors or treatments to counter the reflux.

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