Ouch! Mouth Ulcer

Unfortunately, oral ulceration(s) can happen now and again. The usual cause of a mouth ulcer is the breakdown of tissues that line the oral mucosa. In some cases they can be very small and heal very rapidly; in other circumstances there may be many, some may become very large, and take some time to heal. Often times the individual will experience anywhere from mild-moderate-to extreme discomfort. Further eating, talking, drinking, or even moving around can cause associated pain.

Skygate Dental Mouth Ulceration

Skygate Dental Mouth Ulceration

 Mouth Ulcers – Possible Causes

  • Trauma – can cause oral ulceration(s) – broken or fractured tooth, sharp fillings have the potential of rubbing on the oral tissues and causing an ulcer.
  • Auto – Immune Conditions
  • Immune Conditions – Crohn’s, Crohn’s disease
  • Diet – In some individual nutritional deficiencies.
  • Stress – Being run down or physically exhausted can lead to a decrease in the immune system, in some circumstances this may make the body more prone to oral ucleration.
  • Auto – Immune Conditions

Mouth Ulcers – Treatment what to do?

The most important point with any ulceration is to isolate the cause, once the cause is identified the best treatment options can be determined; however, for typical mouth ulceration’s these typical remedies can be helpful.

  • Removing any potential cause of trauma – smoothing a filling or fixing a broken tooth.
  • Savacol – Anti-bacterial / Anti-Viral Mouthwash may be advised
  • Kenalog – Corticosteroid
  • Warm Salty Rinse
  • Bonjela
  • Tea – Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial properties

Mouth Ulcers – What to do if they persist?

Finally, if any ulceration persists and does not seem to be healing, it would be best to see your Skygate Dentist to investigate the ulceration.

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