Kids Teeth – Teething and First Check Up

Your newborn already has his/her teeth developing underneath their gums; however, they generally do not erupt until six months after birth. It is quite normal that before the teeth erupt the gums may become sore, in some cases causing some mild discomfort for the child. In some instances the gums may change color (almost like a blueish hue before they erupt) this is quite normal as the tooth is pushed through the gums. If there is severe pain or the color is showing no improvement it would best to get your Skygate Dentist to have an inspection.

Often times parents will ask, “When should i bring my child in for their first check-up?”. A typical saying to remember is “two is too late“. It may not be that treatment is needed; however, getting the child comfortable with the environment, treating any little issues early is far better than waiting until it is too late. Often times what works, is to bring the child in during your family visit, it is usually very easy to have the child comfortable and do a thorough check-up and clean during a family clean.

Skygate Dental Kids Teeth Teething and First Check Up

Skygate Dental Kids Teeth Teething and First Check Up

As babies’ teeth begin to erupt some may become a bit irritable, as well diet or feeding may change. Usually this passes very quickly as the teeth continue to erupt into the arch. In terms of helping, often what can help the child is a clean teething ring to chew on. Your Skygate Dentist may help to recommend one.

Importantly, as the teeth begin to erupt this is the best time to start good oral hygiene practices, often having a tooth brush during bath time or a comfortable time allows the child to get used to brushing and cleaning the teeth. Generally a child’s toothpaste can be obtained and using a soft-bristled toothbrush to help clean the teeth is recommended.


If you wish for more information on teething please do not hesitate to contact Skygate Dental today on (07) 3114 1199 or 0406 579 197.