Bad breath or often referred to in the dental realm as halitosis. But what causes bad breath? How can you treat bad breath?

Oral Hygiene

Skygate Dental Blog Emergency Emergency Bad Breath

Skygate Dental Blog Emergency Emergency Bad Breath

Perhaps the biggest cause of dental mal-odor would be from a drop in oral hygiene. The main goal with oral hygiene is to brush all the surfaces of the teeth and remove as much plaque, bacteria, and debris as possible.  Flossing is also one which is often overlooked; however very important, as flossing is able to get inter-proximal between the teeth to removal hard to reach debris. Further, often the plaque between the teeth is full of anaerobic bacteria (or bacteria which do not like oxygen) these bacteria have the tendency to be particularly smelly!! In some cases an adjunctive mouthwash can be used to help remove bacteria; however, there has been some concern expressed in the past that an alcohol containing mouth rinse used daily may not be beneficial to the oral tissues. Therefore, consider using a alcohol free mouth rinse or if you are using an alcohol containing rinse perhaps using sparingly form time to time. If you have any question about your oral hygiene or brushing and flossing habits please mention this to your Skygate Dental dentist at your next check up and clean appointment.

Diet and External Factors 

In some cases diet can play a role in bad breath, for example garlic, onions, etc. Certain foods when digested and absorbed into the blood produce byproducts which can be excreted through the pours in our lungs. Such as the sulfide when garlic is digested. Further, in some cases regurgitation or reflux has the ability to cause mal-odor.


Smoking is a big one and if it can be eliminated, this can be a sure way of limiting a component of bad breath.

Medical Conditions 

Certain medications can lead to changes in the oral environment which can alter everything from taste to the smell of our breath, if you would like to discuss any medication with your Skygate Dental dentist, please mention this to your dentist at your next check up and clean appointment.


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