Sore Dentures

Why do I have sore dentures? Firstly, it must be determined if the pain is unrelated pain or due to the new experience of an upper and lower denture. Often time’s patients will experience discomfort in their jaw joint and on the mucosal tissues on placement of a new denture. It must be kept in mind that all patients rate pain differently and thus it must be determined the extent of the patients pain in relation to the upper / lower dentures. Many questions can help to narrow down the causes of pain, such as duration, time of onset, quality, aggravating factors, relieving factors, upon eating, in the morning, speaking, placement etc.


Upper Dentures: Common complaints in the maxillary arch (Which may cause discomfort / pain)

  • Denture loosens occasionally,
    • Under-extension(s)

      Skygate Dental Sore Dentures

      Skygate Dental Sore Dentures

    • Occlusal errors -> check occlusion to make sure correct.
  • Denture loosens when eating,
    • Incorrect tooth position -> too far buccal
    • Non- displaceable tissue in palate -> Need to provide relief
    • Chewing hard foods -> Instruct patient to maintain soft diet
  • Denture loosens when yawning or opening mouth,
    • Denture base too thick in the buccal posterior area -> reduce thickness
    • Over-extended in hamular notch
  • Denture loosens when talking or singing,
    • Inadequate posterior palatal seal
    • Over-extended in posterior region -> adjust until soft palate does not interfere with retention
    • Interference in occlusion -> check anterior relation of teeth
  • Food collects on tissue surface
    • Labial and or buccal flanges are under-extended

Lower Dentures: Common complaints in the mandibular arch (Which may cause discomfort / pain)

  • Peripheral area soreness, most likely cause would be over extension -> denture adjustment
    • Unpolished or sharp edges -> Prior to insertion this should have been check to make sure all surfaces are smooth as to not cause the patient discomfort. Although, some areas may have been missed and the surfaces should be recheck to rule out this potential cause.
  • Soreness of the crest of ridge, there may been significant resportion and underlying bony spicules may be causing the irritation. -> provide relief over area
    • Pressure spots during time of impression
    • Premature occlusal contact .
  • Generalized discomfort with / without pain
    • The VDO may be too small
    • Check occlusion
  • Looseness of lower denture, continued movement may cause irritation to the patient
    • Retracted tongue position
    • Incorrect centric occlusion
    • Under-extension of flanges
    • Over-extension
  • Cheek biting
    • Inadequate horizontal overlap
    • Gross decrease in VDO
  • Gagging
    • Over-extension
    • Borders to thick
    • Posterior of maxillary denture too thick

Continual adjustments until the patient is comfortable is necessary. Often times it may be that one patient will need one or two adjustments; whereas another will need many, spaced out over time.

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