Root Canal Filling?

What is a Root Canal filling? A root canal filling is the process of sealing the root canal system. The main goal of all endodontic procedures is to preserve the tooth as a functional unit within the dentition. In order to achieve this goal both the bacterial insult, typically presenting as apical periodontitis, must be removed and prevented from future re-infection.

Thus after the pyramid scheme of protocol has been executed, namely, access to the infected canal, access and opening, guide path and patency, canal preparation, cleaning and shaping, root canal irrigation, and intra-canal medication. One can consider placing a root canal filling.

The name of a root canal filling is termed obturation, which in Latin means to obstruct. This is a meaningful definition as the main goals of obturation are to prevent re-infection of the root canal system by obstructing the physical movement of bacteria, and to place a medium which not only limits bacterial growth, but separates the supply of a communicating food source. (Orstavik, 2005)

Skygate Dental Root Canal Filling

Skygate Dental Root Canal Filling

To achieve this goal, a filling material must be placed, the most common filling material in endodontics is gutta percha, which is a natural rubber that has been around since 1843. Further, there is evidence to suggest that gutta percha is anti-bacterial, as studies have shown it to have a bacterial-static affect on staph aureus (Moorer). Often times to adjunct the filling material a liner is also placed in the initial step prior to placement and condensation of the gutta percha, this acts to further provide a greater seal. Moreover, there is evidence to suggest that sealer, for instance AH 26, can penetrate into dentinal tubules via smear layer removal. This allows for entombment of microorganisms and enhanced seal and bonding. It has been found that resin based sealers (AH 26), are superior to ZnOE and Ca(OH)2 in terms of dimensional stability, solubility and ability to penetrate the dentinal tubules.

Thus from a biological perspective, root canal treatment is directed toward the elimination of micro-organisms from the root canal system and the prevention of re-infection. In order to achieve this many steps must be followed to acce

ss, clean, and disinfect the canal, prior to the placement of a root canal filling material. If all of these procedures are followed and an ideal seal is made within 0.5mm from the radiographic apex, there is a high probability that the tooth will be successfully filled, and be able to prevent re-infection and entomb any current microbiological flora.

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