Orthodontics: Braces are Finished! 

So you orthodontic treatment is finally complete, and your braces have just be taken off! Everything is looking perfect, and that is the way we want to keep things.

One common approach to hold the teeth in their exact position after braces are removed is through the use of an orthodontic retainer.

An Orthodontic retainer is customized removable acrylic retainer, that is often worn either during the day and at night after your braces are taken off to hold them in their final position.

How long do you have to wear your retainer? 



Every person is different and each case is unique often there may be differences in term of fixed or removable appliance per individual, and it is often a treatment approach between the dentist and orthodontist. That being said, typically for removable retainers, after treatment is complete it is often recommended to wear the retainer(s) about 22 or the 24 hours a day, leaving time to eat and brush your teeth. As time goes on, gradually night time wear only is recommended.

How do you clean your retainer?

It is advisable to clean the retainer routinely, often a tooth brush and tooth paste works quite well, followed by rinsing and drying. Another tip that can be utilised is to place a small amount of tooth mousse in the retainer from time to time to help remineralise the teeth.

What is a fixed retainer? 

In some cases patient may be candidates for a fixed retainer. The difference being that a fixed retainer is physically glued onto the teeth. This has the advantage of being easier in a sense as it does not need to be continually taken in and out to eat. Further they are generally smaller and adapt in quite well. The downsides being that over time they may need a bit of maintenance if they become rough; also, they can became make cleaning the teeth more difficult (being prone to become a plaque trap).

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