Fluoride exposure must first be considered in an optimal environment, individual drinking water should be around 0.7-1.2mg/L, it has been found that non-fluoridated communities are in the range of 0-0.3 mg/L.  To remedy this other methods must be considered to help protect the teeth; fluoridated(F-) tooth paste, F-mouth rinses, F- their own water, higher recall for preventative placement all needs to be considered.

Further measures include Tooth Mousse (CPP-ACP)-> Super-saturated concentration of Ca+ and phosphate / is effective for the reminierization within tooth structure, such as dentine / helps to arrest + stop any continued demineralization / inhibits cariogenic bacteria.

Skygate Dental Emergency Cavity

Skygate Dental Emergency Cavity

Duraphat -> A resin based high concentration 22,300 ppm F-, is effective for long term exposure (months) slowly releasing F / ideal larger lesions + breakdown / high concentration F is also has an inhibitory affect on cariogenic bacteria.

Fluoride -> Preventative measure such as topical F- 9000 ppm -> help to provide an initial topical F affect, help to arrest any current lesions + provide future protection

Oral Hygiene -> Along with emphasis on blushing, flossing, etc must be included -> To reduce the time that plaque is in contact with tooth surfaces / to limit demineralisation

A dietary analysis and salivary test may be of benefit -> It may be that the child has a very high cariogenic diet this should be remedied / further / it maybe that a pathological cause is effecting his/her saliva / this should be diagnosed + assessed / through saliva function test / then determine if saliva substituted + other measures are warranted.

Initially a high recall 3 months, to monitor the disease process -> help to continue to monitor / apply conservative treatment to limit any further progression of disease.

Methods to Ensure Adequate Fluoridation And Appropriate Age

 Drinking Water

– Ensure home water is 0.6-1.1 mg/L fluoridated

                  – If non-F community -> Dissolve 1 mg F (1 2.2 mg NaF) in 1L water

– Encourage water in preference to sweet drinks


– Not Applicable -> Only for > 6 Years Old / elevated risk / not a substitute for brushing / not to be swallowed

Gels and Foam

– Not Applicable -> Only for > 10 Years Old / High risk / other F- vehicles not available

Tablets + Drops

– Not Applicable -> No longer advocated -> high risk of Fluorosis / little evidence of benefit if optimal drinking water


– Criteria: >18 months to 5 years, cleaned twice a day with toothpaste 0.4-0.5 mg F/g / based on the risk guidelines maybe varied if No F in water /

– Rationale: Very effective in caries prevention / successful population strategy / added benefit

– Mode: To soft child tooth brush / child should spit not swallow

– Application: Pea sized amount 250 ppm-400ppm


– Criteria: Varnish / elevated risk / can be used under age of 10

– Rationale: Hypersensitive / WSL / High risk / Primary + Permanent / No fluorosis with 2x years

– Mode (1): Duraphat / F in alcohol + resin / plaque acts as reservoir / 22,600 ppm / bind to enamel / slow release

– Mode (2): Clinpro XT / Resin modified GIC / F+Ca+P / slow F / 22600ppm

– Application: Primary dentition: 0.25 mL

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