What are Clear Braces / Aligners?

Clear Braces are a form of braces that offers the ability to move teeth into their desired position, using a tight fitting custom aligner. These aligners are changed every couple of weeks, and over the course of treatment the teeth begin to move into the final desired position. Although, not all cases will be suitable for clear braces; it does



offer the advantage over traditional braces for a clear and generally unnoticeable appliance.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

After gathering all of the necessary diagnostic information such as impressions, molds, casts, and photos. The information is send to the laboratory to cast the models and using computer technology digital planning is used to place the teeth in the desired final position. Depending on the case, a series or number of retainers are made (10,20,etc), each retainer is then used for a period of approximately 2 weeks. At first the retainers are very tight, then over the course of the two weeks become progressively easier to take in and out as the teeth have moved that tiny amount to fit the aligner. Then another tray is used to continue moving the teeth. This process is continued until the final positioning of the teeth is achieved.

Clear Braces or Metal Braces?

This is an important consideration, as unfortunately some individuals may not be suitable for clear braces. Metal braces, or traditional braces still have many advantages over clear braces and in some cases may be the best option. During a consultation with your dentist and/or orthodontist the pros and cons of each options will be discussed, to determine the best course or outcome.

How Long Is Treatment?

The length of treatment for clear braces can very greatly from one individual to the next, and depends on the initial position of the teeth and desired final outcome. The length of treatment will be discussed after a comprehensive clinical examination your dentist and/or orthodontist.


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