What is Teething?

Eruption of the baby teeth usually begins around 6 months. In some circumstances baby may even be born with a little baby tooth; however, for the majority of the population it will take around 6 months. Usually, the early signs of teething will involve the child placing his or her fingers or toys into the mouth to push again the tissue surface. In some cases, the child may be salivating a bit more than usual. For the majority of cases eruption of the baby teeth causes little to no distress. In some circumstance minor irritation or change in sleeping patterns may be noticed.

Signs of Teething 

  • Increased irritability
  • Change in appetite
  • Restlessness
  • Increased salivation

    Baby Teeth Teething

    Baby Teeth Teething

Tips To Ease The Eruption Of The Baby Teeth

Consideration of teething toys may prove beneficial, these toys are design to allow the child the natural tendency to bite the irritated surface. This is a physiological response as teething or chewing on the area often allows for the sensation of pain relief. In some circumstances if a child become greatly distressed or the area become inflamed and quite sore a topical numbing cream can be used.

What Is The Eruption Times For Babies? 

  • Baby Incisors: 6-8 Months, 0.5 Yrs
  • Baby Laterals: 10 – 15 Months, 1 Yrs
  • Baby Canines: 18 – 24 Months, 1.5 Yrs
  • Baby First Molars: 14 – 17 Months, 1.25 Yrs
  • Baby Second Molars: 22 – 30 Months, 2 Yrs

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