After another afternoon, watching Harry Potter with the kids, I noticed that the Weasleys’ clock shown in The Chamber of Secrets had a location setting with “dentist” for the family members. I was quickly asking others if they had noticed that? Or to what the possible meaning or relation could be? This had lead me to the Harry Potter Wikipedia, of all places, which provides this possible explanation:

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“It is ironic that Dentist is listed on the clock in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It is implied a few times in the series that wizards have no use for dentists. In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, when Hermione Granger tells the Slug Club that her parents are dentists, she has to explain what a dentist does. To which Professor Slughorn replies, “Is that considered a dangerous profession?” Although it is highly likely that Arthur Weasley added it, due to his fascination with Muggles”.

Although, it may be implied that wizards have no need for dentists, perhaps even wizards have mishaps and need emergency dental work, or a dentist to consult from time to time. Or maybe even to have their wizards teeth lightened at their annual check and clean. Whatever the answer may be perhaps the kids can speculate at this weeks Harry Potter Book Afternoon at the Banyo Libary.

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On Thursday 4 February, Harry Potter fans from all over the world will celebrate the second Harry Potter book night. Libraries across Brisbane will celebrate with their own magical Harry Potter events. Come dressed as your favourite witch or wizard and share in themed activities, games and quizzes. Ideal for children aged 5-10 years. Bookings required. Entry is free. Ideal for children aged 5-10 years. Bookings required.



Dentist Harry Potter

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