Getting a new denture can be exciting, but also feeling apprehensive in knowing what to expect would be a normal. The most important factor to consider with a new denture is time. As it may be necessary for many small adjustments over time until a denture is feeling perfect. Below is a some more information in what to expect with a new denture.



What Can I Expect Dentures To Feel Like?

Dentures do certainly take time to get used to. The very first experience you may notice is movement or how the dentures seats and feels. It will take time for the body to learn how to keep the dentures in place; existing muscles and soft tissues must adapt to the change. This can take some time, and during this adaptation period adjustments may be necessary as some areas may rub and irritate the mouth.

Further, no matter how thin the dentures may be, they will certain feel bulky and different inside the mouth. This will certainly improve overtime but expecting a settling in phase is normal.

Another, immediate change you may notice is an increase in saliva, this will generally settle in 1-2 days as the body gets used to the dentures.

Why Does My Face Feel Different?

When you get new dentures, your facial muscles will need time to adapt. You may notice your smile, laughing and talking have all changed. This will improve overtime and get better; however, it will take time for the body to adjust.

Certainly an added bonus for many individuals is that a denture has the ability to restore your face shape, and instantly give you a perfect smile.

How Am I Going To Eat?

During the period of learning to use your dentures, it is best to take things slow. Considering a soft diet for the first few days to weeks is important. One, to allow the tissues to toughen up and adapt. Two this allows you to also get used to the size, and feel of the dentures. After a few days to weeks, when your dentures are feeling better, you can slowly start to try harder and more complex foods and resume a normal diet.

How Am I Going To Talk With These Dentures In?

Wearing dentures can make a difference in the way you pronounce certain words. It certainly will take practice to get used to the dentures. Sometimes, small adjustments of the dentures themselves may be necessary to adjust the speech.

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