Dental Mouth Guards

There are many types of dental mouth guards. These can range from over the counter products to professionally made mouth guards. “The Australian Dental Association (ADA) recommends that self-fitted, over the counter mouth guards are inadequate and, for effective protection, a professionally-fitted custom mouth guard is essential”.


Types Of Mouth Guards


Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

These mouth guards are generally less expensive than custom fitted mouth guards. These mouth guards are heated in boiling water then quickly cooled and immediately inserted into the mouth; biting down firmly.  One limitation with this type of mouth guard is that it does not always adequately follow the fitting surfaces in your mouth. Another down side that people find is that talking, breathing and stability are less comfortable due to lack of precision.


Custom Mouth Guards

Are made by a dentist using an impression that is taken of your teeth. This impression is then cast into stone. This allows for the dentist to accurately assess the mouth and provide the best fit and coverage.  The biggest advantages with a custom mouth guard are; maximum resistance against dislodgement, less restricted breathing, and comfort.


How Long Do Custom Mouth Guards Last?

The longevity of a mouth guard can depend on many circumstances. For instance in younger individual growth and change can be very rapid, and a mouth guard may only fit for a season of play. In older individuals mouth guards can last up to 12 months or longer. It would be important to reassess the quality of a mouth guard every year to ensure comfort and adequate protection.


How Long Does a Custom Mouth Guard Take to Make?

We always aim to have the Mouth Guard made and ready in 24-48 hours. In some instances we may be able to have the mouth guard ready on the same day.


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