Teeth Whitening: What is the Best for You?

By: Skygate Dental

Jan. 2016


Types & Methods

There are many methods to lighten your teeth; products can range from:

–       Whitening toothpastes

o   (Low Change, Low Cost, Low Post Sensitivity)

–       Whitening mouth rinses

o   (Low Change, Low Cost, Low Post Sensitivity)

–       Take home low dose lightening strips

o   (Moderate Change, Moderate Cost, Mild Post Sensitivity)

–       Custom made trays for take home applications

o   (Moderate Change, Moderate Cost, Moderate Post Sensitivity)

–       In-chair dentist office whitening

o   (Greatest Change, Higher Cost, Moderate to High Post Sensitivity)


What Teeth Whitening Method Is Right For You?

Key Considerations: Conservative Approach. Cost. Time. Sensitivity. Purpose.

Generally before undertaking any dental teeth whitening regime, it would be important to consider the above points.  First, it would be necessary to consider the reason for lightening: is it for a specific event? Are you just looking for a touch up? Are you maintaining your current shade or color? How much time do you have available?

Starting from a conservative approach, generally the toothpastes and rinses are considered low cost and low dose. These products would be considered more for maintaining a result or to slowly lighten your teeth overtime.

If you were looking for a result a bit faster or just a light touch up , then store purchased lightening strips generally will provide a result over time.  Again, low cost but more time commitment.

If you were looking to lighten you teeth for a specific event or wanted to see a more dramatic change in less time, there are two options available.  The first would be to take impressions of your teeth to make custom take home bleaching trays; a take home kit is also provided and the whitening agent is placed into the trays then onto the teeth. The second method would involve direct in-chair whitening, the fastest way to achieve a result; however, there is increased cost as well as increased post-op sensitivity.


How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening can change the natural color of your teeth. The active ingredient contained in bleaching agents is either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These agents are able to remove both surface and deep stains within the tooth.


How Much Change Can I Expect?

Everyone has different teeth, and as a result everyone will respond differently to whitening procedures. Depending on the current shade of the teeth and the type of staining involved the level of change can be variable. Our dentists at Skygate Dental will discuss what results you are looking for prior to commencing the teeth whitening. They will be able to show you a shade chart and devise a plan to get you to the shade you desire.


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